About Us

Mission & Philosophy

As a school rooted in Catholic and Jesuit teachings, St. Joseph’s Preparatory School believes that each student is an individual redeemed with a perfectible nature and, further, that all other human beings are similarly blessed and gifted.
With this belief as a cornerstone, the Prep encourages its students to discover through serious and prayerful reflection not only a strong sense of their own self worth but also a clear responsibility to share their gifts working with, and for, their fellow human beings.

To promote this growth, the school embraces the Ignatian emphasis on a spirit of cura personalis which affirms the value and dignity of every individual and trusts that students will prosper in an environment where they are nurtured and encouraged to make choices that are a manifestation of their most noble and generous instincts, the signs of the spirit of their Redeemer working within them.

All of our faculty members incorporate the Ignatian tradition and teachings of the Catholic faith into their instruction. Each of our faculty members play a critical and unique role in creating and sustaining our Ignatian tradition. Our faculty shares in our goal of rooting our students in a personal relationship with God.

Did You Know?

At the Prep, we do not rank our students—there is no address from the Valedictorian or Salutatorian at graduation. Instead, the Student Council President, elected by the students, represents his classmates at the ceremony, where our students wear tuxedos instead of caps and gowns.

It all stems from the Jesuit tradition of encouraging each student to follow his personal passions, to motivate himself based not on how he compares to his brothers but on how he may serve them with the talents he has been given.

Likewise, then, graduation is not an ending, but rather a “Commencement” as we call it—the beginning of the college years, and beyond to loves as professionals but also husbands, fathers, community leaders, etc., roles for which we’ve been preparing our students throughout their time at the Prep.

Our Mission

The mission of St. Joseph’s Prep as a Catholic, Jesuit, urban, college preparatory school is to develop the minds, hearts, souls, and characters of young men in their pursuit of becoming men for and with others. Click below to learn more about the mission of St. Joseph's Prep.
Statue of St. Joseph, patron of the Universal Church, stands in front of the altar of the Church of the Gesu. St. Joseph holds a white lily to represent purity and stands with the banner of the Society of Jesus.

St. Joseph's Prep Shield

The four quadrants of the Prep Shield signify the ideals of our school:

Upper Left: Seven stripes number the sons of the House of Loyola
Upper Right: Two wolves over a kettle signify the hospitality of the House, even to the beasts of the field.
Lower Left: The lillies of St. Joseph symbolize the purity which was his crowning virtue.
Lower Right: The seal of the Society of Jesus, containing the Greek letter IHS, the first three letters of the name of Jesus.
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